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The Black Knight Satellite


The Black Knight Satellite is believed to be a large object orbiting the Earth, rumoured to be emitting radio signals for around 50 years or so.  It has been known by several other names Black Satellite, Dark Knight Satellite and Black Knight UFO.  It is definitely on of the best top conspiracy theories as there is so much proof brought forward and has not been denied by NASA.  In fact NASA has released official photos where the alleged object can be seen.

Many world agencies have taken interest in this object over the years and it has also been written about in the Time Magazine in 1960.

Could this 13000 year old satellite really be from another world?

is Black Knigh Satellite Alien?

Could it be an abandoned alien spacecraft or even an active extraterrestrial spy satellite?

We have seen the Black Knight Satellite debunked on some sites but with every theory there will be disbelievers, you just have to look at the overwhelming evidence in favour of its existence to believe this is the truth and not just one of those crazy conspiracy theories.

There is known to be junk flying around in orbit from old shuttles and some say this could be a discarded or broken off thermal blanket, but what do you believe?
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