Who Built The Pyramids

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Who Built The Pyramids?

Some dates to remember: Source Wikipedia.

Copper Age 5000 Bc

Bronze Age: 3300-1200BC

Iron Age: 1200 BC

Giza Pyramids  Constructed: 2560-2540

According to the History books, the Pyramids were constructed in twenty years during the Bronze age. using Bronze age tools. Lets just look at some basic facts as to why this cannot be true.

The Pyramids are constructed on average using 2.6 Million x  2-5 Ton Blocks of Limestone.

2,600000 Blocks divided by 20 years = 130,000 blocks a year divided by 365 days a year = 356 blocks a day or 14 blocks an hour if they work 24/7. If they work 12 hours a day then it doubles to 28 Blocks an hour or 1 Block has to be mass produced, shipped from the quarry and placed into position every 2 minutes. Your average Floor Tiler cannot tile a kitchen floor this quick. Yet somehow we are led to believe the Egyptians could match this feat using Bronze Age Technology.

The biggest problem with the construction is the interior of the Pyramid. It is a meticulous Granite Structure with Blocks weighing as much as 500 Tonnes. They were Quarried over 822 Kilometres away in Aswan. You cannot cut Granite to this level of perfection using any known tools of the Period.

Giza Pyramid Pyramid 2 Pyramid 3




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  1. What about the markings in the pyramids? It is said that some of the images are of astronauts. Could they have really had that kind of technology? Or were we actually visited from beings from another planet?

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