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Lost Technology


The term Sea Peoples describes a theory in Egyptology that a confederation of seafaring raiders attacked Ancient Egypt prior to the Bronze Age Collapse.[1][2] Since the creation of the concept in the 19th century, the various Sea Peoples have been proposed to have originated from either western Anatolia or from southern Europe.[3] Although the archaeological inscriptions do not include reference to a migration,[2] the Sea Peoples are conjectured to have sailed around the eastern Mediterranean and invaded Anatolia, Syria, Canaan, Cyprus, and Egypt toward the end of the Bronze Age.[4]

Human populations had become stable, books, technology, power supplies, agriculture, medicine. Was on the verge of being understood once more. An industrial age was about to begin. Electricity had been remastered. Books that had been stored away for thousands of years could now be read. The 20th Century was about to begin. Here in 1175 BC.

The Sea people believed that Technology was responsible for the catastrophe of 13,000BC that wiped out all the Civilisation on the Earth. The Sea people acted as a global police force, blocking the Advancement of Mankind. They reduced the middle east to dust. And destroyed any chance of mankind progressing. More to Follow.

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